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I'm Debbie

This is where I should introduce myself & my credentials for helping you on this journey. Let me start by saying I believe in a better world.

Instead let me tell you what I have discovered after 20 years of studying purpose & working as both a purpose driven Intrapreneur & Entrepreneur.


It's lonely.

Running a purpose led business or brand requires you to do things differently or do different things. It sometimes feels like you are swimming upstream, constantly trying to balance purpose & profit whilst staying on top of the trends so you can remain relevant & build a sustainable business.

It can feel completely overwhelming. 


Conventional tools are often designed to lead from the past, putting profit first & to tell you the truth  - the only way to lead a purpose driven business or brand is from future as it emerges & of course from the inside - you & your humans know best.

Harnessing the power of purpose & human-centred thinking will be the best thing you ever do for yourself. Use your magic. 

I look forward to taking this journey with you. 

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Debbie Rowles is an intuitive Thinker & Solutionist who believes passionate, purposeful human beings have the ability to change the world. She is also a brand & business impact strategist, speaker, transformation coach and insight curator. From 2014 to 2018 she was the COO & Partner Innovation of 99FM, Namibia's first positive impact media brand.


Her most recent endeavour is Think Human Being, dedicated to creating conversations & spaces that help human beings shift their perspective & rethink their potential in order to create the positive impact they imagine.

from the heart

I thrive on helping others make change happen through: clarifying purpose | finding alignment | igniting ideas | curating information | distilling data | identifying real needs & honest solutions


I love the special humans in my life | open spaces | the beauty in the world | good companies with heart | passionate people |  creativity that works | working consciously | treading lightly | finding flow

from the head

Debbie is  a purpose-led strategist with more than twenty years of experience in brand management & business strategy.

She has had the honour of working for CPG giants Unilever South Africa and Colgate Palmolive RSA,  leading strategy for Advantage Y&R Namibia & fulfilling the role of Partner Innovation | COO of Namibia's first purpose - driven media brand, 99FM.

In a nutshell: Solutionist | Thinker | Brand & Business Guide | Starts with Why activist | Brand purpose addict | Curator | Strategist 

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