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To achieve a different outcome you must either do things differently or do different things.

New thinking grows from being exposed to new ideas. 

Join me, Debbie Rowles, for a curated impression of the new perspectives informing the Business World post Corona.


What to expect:

- The behavioural trends affecting “business as usual”

- The secret to remaining relevant

- The buzz around the pivot

- The more things change, the more they stay the same

- What will humans be prepared to pay for in “the new normal”

What you will take away.

Many businesses are experiencing the catastrophic effects of the COVID-19 economic backlash. It is very difficult as a business owner or team leader to step away from the short - term crisis management and take an objective view of the situation. 

This 1.5 hour session does not promise a quick fix or miracle cure - my hope is that it helps start a shift in your perspective & possibly sparks a new way of thinking about the options available to you. 

Who is Debbie Rowles?

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I believe the magic-makers have the ability to change the world through the power of human-centred, purpose-led strategy and brands.

Me in a nutshell: Solutionist | Thinker | Starts with Why activist | Brand purpose addict | Curator | Strategist | Works consciously | Treads lightly

I thrive on helping others make change happen through: curating information. distilling data. real needs. honest solutions. good companies with heart. passionate people. creativity that works.


I am a purpose-led strategist with more than twenty years of experience in brand management, business strategy and management consulting in numerous industries for some of the most sought-after corporate and consumer brands.


I have had the honour of working for FMCG giants Unilever South Africa and Colgate Palmolive RSA and managing brands for Advantage Y&R Namibia. My most recent passion project - fulfilling the role of Partner Innovation of 99FM. I now work as a Strategist, Solutionist & Thinker under my own brand - ThinkHumanBeing.


I would like to book a private session for my team

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