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locate yourself

Locate Yourself

Your Best Space

A discovery & alignment coaching journey to help passionate, purposeful human beings like you uncover your optimal head, heart-and business space from where you can create the positive impact you imagine through your business, brand or career. 

Lead Human

Human-centered leadership training that empowers leaders to connect to themselves & unlock their full potential & ultimately that of their teams.

Lead Human is a hybrid individual learning & collective, team-based program designed to foster a culture of self-awareness and collaboration

Purpose & Value discovery workshops

Our Purpose & Values Discovery workshops will help your business, brand, and teams uncover their core purpose and values. By holding space for exploration and reflection, we enable a human-centered approach to define a clear and inspiring purpose, and identify core values that will shape behaviour and decision-making so that you can take strategic action from a place of purpose & values. 

Activate for impact

activate for impact

Connect for Good

Our Connect for Good journey helps you to align your purpose & values with your brand positioning, strategy & stories. Craft a powerful and authentic brand space that resonates with your communities & drives positive change. 

Idea Sessions 

Think of it as having a "strategist" or on call. Someone to bounce ideas off. Take a new perspective on things. Challenge you to think differently about a problem. Sourcing the latest in business insights in combination with tried & test creative problem solving. An Idea Session is a live brainstorming session with a strategist who works together with you to provide fresh perspectives and solutions to your challenges or briefs.


The Idea Session is a collaborative approach to problem-solving that helps you identify new ideas and opportunities to enhance your business or personal endeavours anchored in purpose & values.


Excellent for pre strategy planning and ideation.

Future Facilitation

Purpose-led, human-centered strategy facilitation & workshops help businesses and individuals create strategies that are aligned with their values and designed to create positive impact.

Fusing strategy development with personal growth this process is designed to help clients not only achieve their strategic objectives but also develop their future human skills, such as empathy. self awareness & curiousity.

Stay inspired

stay inspired

Keynotes & trend talks

Our keynotes & trend talks are designed to provide you with unique insights and perspectives on a range of topics related to business as a force for good, human potential, storytelling & purpose and the latest on sustainability, AI & the future of work. 


Help your teams to navigate complex ideas, stay inspired, and drive positive change.


Ideal for businesses, teams, and human beings who are looking to challenge their thinking, learn and grow.


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