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24hr strategy to connect your work to a better world

Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

As humans, we seem to have fallen into the same trap. We have realised that the world is not quite in the place we would like it to be & while we have to acknowledge that there are incredible human beings trying to shift systems in the right direction, it is crucial that we adapt our strategic planning & processes (aka rituals) to keep up with the change we must create in the world.

In light of all the changes we are embracing, I find it difficult to stay passionate about a plan I have made for the next month, let alone a strategy for the next year or two. Now try & multiply that and get a team of 10's or 100's of people to mobilise a long term strategy. It might seem a bit lofty.

How can we create a real human connection between the world we want to create and the work we do today?

As James Clear says every action we take is a vote for the type of person we would like to become. Similarly every action we take as a business is a vote for the type of business we would like to become.

Every 24 hours brings with it an opportunity to take small steps to build the person or business we would like to become. Not every day is about cracking the whip & driving output - energy ebbs & flows. Maybe your 24 hour strategy is about stillness & reflection. Maybe as a team it's a consolidation day & not an output day. If personally your 5 year goal is to be fit & healthy. How can you be fit & health today - even for 2 minutes? If you need to rest - maybe today is about being gentle & not having a goal. If your BHAG is to revolutionise your industry in a year's time. What does that look like in the next 24 hours. What behaviours do we need to practice today that can create stepping stones to our long term goals.

We know thanks to Maslow, Simon, Brene and all the other thought leaders out there, past & present, that we create change by creating connections - developing a sense of ourselves & what is meaningful to us. Understanding how we fit into our work and the world & knowing that what we are doing matters & is valuable to others.

So let's start there. Creating a golden thread between who we are being, how we show up in the world we are working towards & the two or three small steps we want to take in that direction.

What do you need to create a 24hr strategy for you?

  • Create space at the beginning of the day to "BE". Develop an awareness of how you would like this day to be for you. Visualise what you want to feel like at the end of the day. Think of it as creating a "To Be" list instead of a "To Do" list

  • To get started, you need to know who you are & what's important to you. Think purpose & values. What you stand for as a human being. This should be the foundation of your sense of action.

  • Spend some time thinking about the world you are working towards. Then connect that with your guiding values and to your to do list.

  • Once you have done that - get it onto paper. Write down your purpose, your values, the better world you are trying to create, the feeling you would like to finish the day with and then the 2 or 3 things on your list that will help to move you in the direction of the better world you envision.

What do you need to create a 24hr strategy for your team?

  • A solid understanding & awareness of who each of you are & what is meaningful to each of you. Think purpose & values. What you stand for as human beings. An awareness of how you feel your personal values align to the company's values. It is also okay not to be 100% aligned to each one of the organisations values, but there must be an overlap & an authentic connection to some of them.

  • Clarity around what your team's nested purpose is within the organisation. Answer these questions: Why is the work that we are doing as a team important? What does the world need from us?

  • Have a discussion about the things you need to do every day to move in the direction of your long term goals - the better world you are trying to create.

  • Develop practice's or rituals that you can use daily to bring your purpose & values to life. Think about little ideas like creating a value share at the beginning of your meetings - get someone to share an actual example of someone/ something using your team values in their work, recognise & celebrate it. Remember to align your practices with your unique culture and brand.

Having a clear sense of our purpose, values and what makes us human are crucial elements in creating a better world. They serve as the foundation of our sense of action and help us connect with what is meaningful to us and to others. Whether it is for ourselves or for our team, creating a 24hr strategy that aligns our actions with our purpose and values helps us take small steps towards the better world we envision. It's about creating a connection between who we are being, how we show up in the world and the work we do. Isn't it incredible that every 24 hours we are offered the opportunity to practice being better humans, and to bring our purpose and values to life.

How do you use your 24 hours to move you in the direction of the better world you imagine?


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