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Breathwork & Business with Suzi Seha

Welcome to a conversation about breath and the incredible power it holds in our lives.

This is a chat we had with Suzi Seha during Covid to explore the power of breathwork and the incredible impact it has in our lives. It is more relevant than ever with the gobal landscape we are facing at the moment.

Suzi is the owner of Lotus Boutique Yoga Studio and Lotus Zen Den Inspired Living Studio

Join us as we find out more about breathwork from Suzi Seha & how we can use practical breathing exercises & techniques to help decrease our stress levels & improve our mental wellbeing. Suzi is a yoga teacher, breathwork, mindfulness & meditation mentor, Reiki Master and workshop facilitator.


We explore the concept of breathwork and its connection to the vagus nerve. By understanding and utilizing the breath, we can activate a relaxation response, regulate our autonomic nervous system, and take control of our state of being. In today's world, where stress and anxiety are prevalent, harnessing the power of breath becomes even more essential.

Here is the original chat if you would like to listen. Or dive into the key points below.

So, let's dive in and discover the transformative benefits of breathwork.

Understanding the Vagus Nerve and Breathwork

The vagus nerve, the longest nerve in our body, extends from the cranium to various parts of our body, including the gastrointestinal system. It acts as a vital pathway for communication between our brain and body. Through the vagus nerve, we can activate the relaxation response, which is crucial for managing stress. Our autonomic nervous system takes care of various bodily functions automatically, but the one aspect we can consciously control is our breath. By harnessing the power of our breath, we gain the ability to change our state and enhance our control over reactions, emotions, and interactions.

The Benefits of Breathwork

Breathwork offers numerous benefits depending on the desired outcome. However, in the context of our current world, where anxiety is prevalent, the focus is primarily on utilizing breathwork to manage anxiety and induce a relaxation response. By using specific breathing techniques, we can bring about an immediate sense of calm and relaxation, providing us with the control and stability needed in challenging times. Additionally, breathwork can be energizing and stimulating when employed differently, making it a versatile tool for various purposes.

Embarking on a Practical Breathwork Session

Now, let's delve into a practical breathwork session led by expert Susie. Find a comfortable position, ensuring your spine is straight, whether sitting or lying down. Susie guides us through a series of breathing exercises and encourages us to observe the breath, feel the movement in our bodies, and maintain a soft, relaxed state. She highlights the importance of breathing through the nose, keeping the tongue gently placed on the palate, and focusing on the subtle pauses at the top and bottom of each breath.

Susie then directs our attention to different areas of our body, such as the chest, ribs, and abdomen, as we breathe. By consciously expanding and contracting these areas with our breath, we can experience a deeper connection to our body and enhance the relaxation response. She encourages us to extend our exhale, taking longer breaths out through pursed lips. This technique further promotes a sense of calm and control, making it particularly useful in anxiety-inducing situations.

Harnessing the Power of Breath in Daily Life

Breathwork is not limited to dedicated sessions; it can be integrated into our daily lives to manage stress and anxiety effectively. Susie suggests starting these calming breaths proactively, even before the onset of anxiety or panic attacks. By practicing breathwork regularly, we can develop a sense of awareness and empowerment, taking control of our state of being.

In closing

The power of breath is truly remarkable. By understanding the connection between breath and the vagus nerve, we gain access to a tool that can transform our lives. Breathwork enables us to regulate our autonomic nervous system, manage stress, and enhance our overall well-being. Through the simple act of conscious breathing, we can find relaxation, control our reactions, and navigate the challenges of our fast-paced world with grace and ease. So, take a moment, harness the power of your breath, and unlock the incredible potential within you.


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