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How to inspire & align strategic action toward a better world

Living a purposeful life is a concept that many of us humans aspire to achieve. But, when it comes to running a business or brand, it can be challenging to keep our purpose and values at the forefront of decision making. I have spent years figuring out where purpose & values fit within visions & missions and how to use them to mobilise action for good. It was essential to find something - a flow - a journey - a framework that could move out of the boardroom & truly connect with everyone - at all levels - at all life stages - from my teenagers to founders, startups, leaders, and teams that have one thing in common - they are magicmakers - passionate, purposeful human beings (businesses, brands & ideas) working towards a more beautiful world - in any way, shape or form.

A Purpose Perspective

This framework or journey is called A Purpose Perspective. "A" because there is no one model, process, or journey that works for everyone - there are many beautiful frameworks to use. This is also our "Perspective" - the way we view the world - one that resonates with us & hopefully will guide or help many of you to anchor your strategic action in a place of Purpose & Values - allowing you to use your purpose as a lens for all your decisions & actions.

These four questions inspire the framework's foundation—What you love, What you are good at, What world needs (not wants), and What will the world pay for? Often attributed to the beautiful concept of Ikigai, these questions cannot be connected to a single source, but are widely recognised as fundamental inquiries to help individuals discover meaningful and fulfilling paths and are extremely powerful when applied to careers, businesses, brands, and ideas. What you do - your products, services, and offerings live at the intersection of the 4 answers.

Purpose & Ikigai. What you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, what the world will pay for

Please note "what the world will pay" for does not only refer to commercial revenue - it refers to the funding model or in some instances intentional exchange that will make your journey sustainable.

The Purpose Perspective Journey

This framework or journey is dynamic and is designed to help human beings, businesses, and brands stay true to their purpose and values (what they love) as they navigate an ever changing world. As you act in the direction of the world you imagine, everything could change - your products, services, skills, and what people are prepared to pay for your offering. The only constants are what you love (your purpose & values) and change. A beautiful paradox.

A Purpose Perspective framework for humans, businesses & brands taking strategic action towards a better world

The journey starts from left to right in the direction of the world we want to create. It is framed on the left by LOVE YOURSELF: locate yourself: what do you truly stand for as a human being, business, or brand? Understanding who you are is the foundation for positive change in the world.

On the far right is LOVE THE WORLD. Everything we do for ourselves as individuals, businesses, or brands is in the service of other human beings. It's how we create meaning for ourselves & do work that matters to others and the world.

There are 6 key components to define, deeply understand & connect to: purpose, values, actions, alignment, stories, and habits as we move in the direction of the world we imagine. Purpose & values remain consistent as you move along the journey.

Purpose Inspires

Purpose is the inspiration that drives you as an individual or business every day. It already exists - is often an origin story - the reason you exist above profit. Your purpose is not only for you, it is in service of others - the contribution you will make to human beings & the world.

Values Guide

Values are your guiding principles and how you show up in the world. What you truly stand for as a human being, business, or brand.

Actions Represent

This is your mission - the space where you are currently using your unique skills & assets to create products or services - the actions you take - the things you do & make - that move you in the direction of the world you imagine. Each product or service comes to life at the intersection of what we love, the needs of the world, the possibilities of our potential & the requirements for sustainable impact. This is how you see your value - through the lens of your business.

Alignment Amplifies

Alignment amplifies your impact. There are exponential benefits in partnering with humans, businesses, or brands that share similar purpose and values and are working towards the same world. Every human being, that partners with us, comes into the relationship with their own purpose & values, unique skills, fulfilling a need in their world.

Stories Connect

Your brand promise or value proposition is seen through the lens of the humans who engage with your offering or work with you. It is the way you connect to the world. The language you use to story your purpose not only explains the benefits your product or service provides but creates an emotional connection with your audiences. It’s not just who you are and what you do differently it’s also how you deliver value and explains "why choose a relationship with you. " Your stories help create your brand - the space that someone holds in their mind for what you mean to them.

Habits Define

Habits ultimately define you. Your future impact is determined by how effectively you embed your purpose and values into daily actions. A 24-hour strategy that keeps individuals and businesses inspired is essential to the impact you can make.

The Better World we are working towards

The better world you or your business imagines is your vision, the realised impact of your purpose, and values in action. It is a world you may never see in your lifetimes but will spend every day trying to create.

Think Human Being's Purpose Perspective framework emphasises the importance of staying true to purpose and values in creating a better world. Purpose, values, actions, alignment, stories, and habits are essential components that guide us as human beings and businesses toward sustainable impact.

By embracing this framework as a guide for your journey you can hold love for yourself & the world at the heart of your business and prioritise & anchor your actions in your purpose and values, contributing positively to society while achieving your goals.


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